Me, Myself, and I

A quick Bio in 60 seconds or less.

Christy-Marie (Call me that and I will maim) . I go by middle name of Nerissa if you can say it right.
(Think Kira Nerys from Star Trek Deep Space Nine) But will not kill you if you call me Rissa, Neris, or variations of.
Screen Names: Nerissa, Tempest, Scottish Lass, Ladyspike
Age: 29
Sex: I am all woman darling
Height: Too tall - 5'11 (mostly 6 or more with my boots or heels on)
Weight: Just right, thank you very much.
Eyes: Blue. Been thinking about Lavender contacts lately though. Possibly green ones maybe.
Hair: Currently? A nice honey brown with blonde highlights.  Its getting fairly long.  Soon I will be able to the Blue Lagoon look that Brooke Shields sported through the movie.
Skin: A Scottish white. (Being pale meant you were nobility way back when you know)


I am the oldest child to two very different parents, M. (a commercial pilot) and B. (a free spirit), whom I love terribly. I also have the fortune to have a younger brother,  S., who lives in Missouri with my sister in law and two precious nieces. My step mother, a very Martha Stewart like woman, M. keeps my father balanced and me feeling cherished.

I was born in Agana, Guam twenty-something years ago. My dad was in the Service if you couldn’t tell already. From there we moved from place to place until I finally graduated from high school in New Jersey. When it came time to go do what’s expected of you (college), I headed to Bozeman, MT where both of my parents grew up. Needless to say, it was a big shock from New Jersey. I survived though, partly due to the trio of best friends I made while I suffered there: Nix, Si and Danish (you’ll learn more about them later). When school was over or rather I had had my fill for the moment, I moved to SD, with Nicole (though she has made excursions to Japan for three of the seven years that I have been here). Its not home, but it will do for the moment. Plus there are some special people around here.  Like my next door neighbor Paul.  Life is less dull with him around.  Plus he embraces my inner geek (though she is far more apparent these days than usual) and I get along with his girlfriend.  

I traipse through life with my feet never touching the ground, because honestly that is not where my dreams will come true. I consider myself the Out-of-Step-Daughter (according to my father) who for years was trying vainly to fit into various factions, splinter groups, and dysfunctional societal models in a futile attempt to belong to something. But who has come to the conclusion that this is a stupid idea. I donít believe that the world would be better place if they marched to my drum because well, Iím still learning to play mine. Iíve slowly decided that all that matters is me and my journey through life. I don't know if that's right, but it feels good to me.