Mr. Perfect. No such thing, its a myth. And honestly who would want Perfect. Well, I’m looking for my Mr. Near Perfect. You know the tarnished night on the white steed. Of course just from that sentence alone, it should be painfully obvious that I am a die hard romantic. Like Water For Chocolate is one of my fave books if that’s any indication as is the star crossed lovers syndrome so often found in movies, TV and books. So, now the big question is…what are the qualities of my near perfect man?

Well, first and foremost he has to realize what a good thing he has in me and treat me and every other woman in the world with the respect we deserve. Looks...I go for a lot of different men, but there has to be an attraction. There has to be that electric spark or in the end it just wont work. I wish I could be optimistic and say that it would work out, but it wouldn’t. Thankfully I tend to find quite a few different kinds of guys rather attractive. I’m not too picky (well except for overly hairy men…nope)

He would not lie or cheat (honesty is vital, I have to be able to trust him). Loyalty is required. Compassion, patience, and understanding a must. He must be kind and intelligent (able to carry on a conversation with me from Greek Mythology to the country’s latest political fiasco.) Though I am not one of those he-must have-a-college-education, because if you don’t know my views on the state of education here in America you will. Self-discovery is a very wonderful thing. He however must have a goal in life (I’m not a big slacker fan), but a goal to travel the world to experience everything he can and on a budget no doubt is a worthy goal. But he has to be driven by something, want something out of his life.

He would have to love me unconditionally. (I accept his flaws as he accepts my mine) He would definitely have to be creative as I am definitely so (artists, musicians, poets, dancers, etc…) And speaking of dance, I like a man who has rhythm and if he doesn’t know how to dance he shouldn’t be afraid to let me teach him. (For me a slow dance can be some of the best foreplay ever created) He must have an opinion of his own and not be afraid to express it even if it may differ with mine. And contrary to the ultra romantic in me, I do not want a man who will put me on a pedestal so far that not only is it guaranteed that I will fall, but he will be unable to reach me. Yes, he should have a romantic bone in his body, but I don’t want a doting sod. I want that unexpected, unpredictable romantic. The one that will just grab me and kiss me (ala barley filled in Room With a View) just because he felt the need. The one that is creative when he shows his affection even if it doesn’t happen all that often. I am a touchy feely person, so he shouldn’t be afraid of affection. For me, touching a person albeit a hand on the arm, etc connects me to that person and lets them know I am not just talking at them, but to them. Although I am not a big Public Affection (people who make out, just for the exhibitionism of it bore me), holding hands is almost a requirement.

Hmm, what else. I like a little bit of aggressiveness in him...the bad boy who can be good when required or the good boy who definitely lets the bad boy within out at least a few times a month. I am a little more low-key and passive, the wild child is buried deep within you see, so sometimes I need a polar opposite, someone who will take charge every once and a while. I don’t want to have to be the one to make all the decisions on what we are going to do that night, etc. Surprises are delightful. Unpredictability a nice change. He definitely has to have an open mind, an imagination and a kind heart. If he speaks French or Gaelic that is a plus, but I can teach him. He should like movies as they encompass a big part of my life. I just want to be able to lay in their arms and feel totally secure and safe and even a lil warm and fuzzy. Nothing else matters. Everything else is negotiable.

Well, I'd also kind of like for him to never have been in prison. Knowing my luck, I won’t meet him until I am 60.

Sexiest thing about the opposite sex?
A sense of humor and a warm heart? Physically...hands. its one of the first things I notice and just imagine what they can do.

James Marsters:
Look at those cheekbones, those arms, those lips. Le sigh.  Actually, he plays the bad boy on TV, but is a nice guy in real life, can fake the accent, sings and is just too damn pretty. Need I say more.