I was born to be nomad and was indeed such until I got to University simply because I am in Air force brat. From Guam, To Scotland to each of the coasts of the United States, I have been there and done that. Of course it doesn't hurt that the father figure and the adoring step mom both work for Continental. Point is I love to travel, don't do it half as much as I should (unfortunately I am not independently wealthy at the moment), but I love it. In fact I try to go somewhere new every year if I can afford it (this year its Japan to visit Nicole and Anthony). Of course traveling doesn't always have to mean other places, I also like to surf the webby universe and let me tell you there are some fine places. 

I travel, therefore I am.  Once you travel, you realize how small this planet really is. I love to travel. I always have. Not only is it just nice to get away sometimes, but when you travel you realize so many things. Like how small the world really is, how fortunate we are as Americans, how others live...and so much more. True there's a lot of pain in the world and a lot of ugliness, but the beauty around us outweighs all of that. I wish people understood that.

Anyway, I try to go new places (which is odd since Nix is always telling me how much I hate change, which I sort of do) every year. It doesn't matter whether its a city that is a few hundred miles away, or a new state or a new country. Its somewhere new. There is something new to see and something new to do. Ah, and the people. Diversity at its best. That's a real treasure.

Traveling has changed me. It has changed my view of the world. It has opened my mind and taught me so much. And the people I have met...treasures. I will never stop exploring this world. I may not always be able to afford it, but I will never stop. Its just who I am.

I have seen the world...or at least part of it.  I have been to:

z Most of the United States (Thanks to my father, the pilot, my younger brother and I got to spend each summer vacation somewhere new. For us that meant traveling most of the United States, visiting state parks, monuments, etc. The states I still haven't been to include most of the South East (Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and shocker...Florida) Of course they are all on my list.
z Ireland (Even though it was only a hop and a skip away, I never visited until a few years ago when my best friend Nicole spent a wonderful year abroad in Ulster. Feeling the need to give her a Christmas present in person as it was vital to see the look on her face when she opened it, I flew over the day after Christmas and visited for a week and a half before University started again, which was much too short I might add. It was beautiful. We spent New Years Eve in Dublin, chatting up new people, drinking heavily and asking visiting Scots if they were real men under their kilts. We did a lot of sightseeing in the Republic which I found to be more to my liking, spending all of my money and enjoying ourselves even though I was still getting over my bout of walking pneumonia the entire time. I will visit again as should you.)
z Scotland (Speaking of wonderful Celtic countries. home of homes. Stepping on this earth is like stepping back in time...unless you're in Falkirk (where I spent part of my life), then not so much. This is the land of my ancestors, and the land where I still have family. Nothing can describe my kinship to this land. It beats in my blood and dances in my heart. To learn more about my Celtic soul go here.)
z England/Wales (Well they were too close to pass up, so I visited extensively. I would like to learn Welsh some day as it is quite beautiful like Gaelic. England has some of the greatest discos I have been to and I have fond memories of the pubs there as well.)
Canada (Surprisingly enough I have toured extensively considering it is so close, but in high school I did an exchange program in the beautiful town of Riviere du Loup in Quebec. It was an experience I wont forget and I loved it. And during my first year of University when I was in MT we used to go across the border for weekend clubbing and drinking. But there is still so much I would like to see....mainly Prince Edward Isle, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.)
z Mexico (When in Texas or Southern Cal, you have to run across the border. So I have a couple of times. Of course the great beaches still have yet to touch my toes.)


Japan (August 2007)
British Isles (again)
New Zealand