The Basics weren't enough huh? Okay...I'll try to appease.

I like my job, love my friends and family and long walks on the beach. *grin* I work full time and am going to school full time for my Linguistics degree. When I do have free time from my working life and endless piles of homework, I escape by being a pop-culture junkie, writing and maintaining a modern supernatural online RPG with some of the best faceless people I know,  trying to maintain my existence as Web mistress and student of all things webby, scrapbooking, being a gamer (*shock*  a girl gamer?), Irish Step Dancing among other forms of dance, and watching endless scores of movies to name some of my few favorite things.

I seem to have a knack for languages and speak English, French and Gaelic the most fluently. Gaelic will pretty much get me nowhere except deciphering Enya songs and drunk kin. French on the other hand could get me a lot of places if I decided I wanted to do anything with it. My Spanish is pretty decent, my Italian mediocre and my German limited to the crass slang friends have taught me over the years. My Latin is getting better, but it’s a dead language so no one really cares. (But they might run away from you if they were a murderer in a queue.) I have been teaching myself Welsh over the past year which has been going well and am now convinced that Tolkien's Elvish is a mixture of Welsh and Gaelic.

As far as religion goes, don’t really have one. Not a big fan of organized religion. Any sort of institution that says my God is better than your God seems to be defeating the purpose. If anything, I am spiritual, and what I believe is not a religion but a way of life. If you peruse this site further, you will see what I mean. If you're confused, head on down to the pagan bit. And if you're the sort that is going to try and 'save' me, no thanks.  I like who I am.  I am comfortable with who I am as well as my morals and beliefs.

Hmm, I guess you could say I am a computer junkie. I never went to school for web design and pretty much taught myself everything from books and trail and error up until a few years ago. And then I went back to school. Which is odd for those of you who have already been to University once.  Of course since then PHP has become big, I don't even have a clue as well as many other fun designer type things.  I may have learned some stuff, but am back to square one in my book. Do I want to make a career out of it?  Nah. There are far too many talented people out there and I dont really consider myself to be one of them.  However, if you need something done and want it to look pretty, I am always up to expend my portfolio.  If you want to pay me?  Hey, even better. 

Besides web design, my main use for the computer is digital alterations of graphics, writing, tracking my life, and playing too many msn games.  I first started out being a Buffy fan site web mistress (it was big, I lived in is delusions and people seemed to love it.  But alas, it is fairly dead at the moment).  I then segued into PBEMs (Play By E-Mail), which are online role playing games.  I helped run a couple and finally decided to go off on my own and created Permanent Midnight. It's a bit Anita Blake/Merry Gentry, a chock full of Nightside and Harry Dresden, and a whole lot of fun.  I have found it very cathartic and it tends to make me feel very warm fuzzy like. If you’ve never RP’d, try it…it’s a great escape from the daily grind. Basically, I am addicted to my computer in small ways.  Technology is a wonderful thing.

What else? I love to dance. Nothing brings me more joy and makes me feel more alive then when I am out on the dance floor, the music pounding inside you like a heartbeat. I feel free on the dance floor and for me is not only the best natural high but sensuality to the nth degree. As far as more structured dancing...I did ballet for a very long time and then I lost my drive for it and any sort of studio dance when I was about 15 (long story, don't need to go into it) and it was Nicole that got me back into the dance studio after much weeping and trepidation from me when I was at University. But I did it again and this time it was with Irish dance which I love. I took Nicole's class for quite some time and after she moved to Japan, I even taught it for a bit. Alas, no one around here will take me dancing.  Yes, that is a hint.

Some things that I have avoided, am avoiding and will continue to avoid: betrayal, closed minds, Politics, vacant eyes, empty hearts, empty heads, ignorance, mosquitoes, famine, war, miserliness, onions and peppers, cooked spinach, excessive body hair, the alarm clock when it interrupts a perfectly good dream involving me and…being bitterly cold, people who are ‘always’ right, movies like Dude Where’s My Car, our education system, beer (never gotten the taste for it), needles, lack of money, lack of food in the fridge, lack of gas in the car, people who misuse your trust, misuse your kindness and misuse your heart. Things that severely irk me: people absolving themselves of responsibility (you did it, now accept the consequences damn it! None of this but I had a bad childhood or this happened to me or…bah), Bad drivers, rude people, cliques, being under appreciated, attitudes for no reason, finding hair in my food, stupid policies, cruelty in any form, and lies.

Yep, that's it for now. Cant tell you everything cause then it would be no fun to meet me. What *would* we talk about?

DID YOU KNOW:   My first TV crush was Macgyver.  I thought he was adorable, smart and incredibly charming...even with the mullett.