101, or maybe it's 172, random facts about me.  Enough useless knowledge to keep you here all day.

001. I like mushrooms. Fungi good.
002. My best friend is Nicole.
003. Sometimes I call her Monica. (From Friends...I am Rachel, cause I am the pushover.)
004. I think that Grace Kelly was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
005. I am a pop culture junkie
006. I am pagan
007. My first concert was to see the Jetts at an amusement park.
008.My last concert was Joan Jett last year
009. I am more comfortable with myself than sayÖ6 years ago.
010. I lost my virginity when I was 17.
011. To a guy named Chris and have never regretted it.
012. I daydream too much.
013. I like vampires.
014. My neck is one of the most sensitive spots.
015. And the only place I am really ticklish.
016. I love lavender.
017. And lilacs.
018. I am a die hard romantic.
019. But still like a bit of a bad boy in my main squeeze.
020. I have three stuffed animals on my bed.
021. One is BattyÖa bat.
022. The other two are a camel and a puppy.
023. Thunderstorms scare me
024. Cooked Spinach is gross
025. I used to want to be a medical examiner
026. I am fairly shy
027. I want to skydive
028. I also want kids someday
029. I will adopt at least one child
030. I am an okay artist
031. I never draw faces or hands on my people though.
032. I was in love with Roger Daltry from the Who after I saw Tommy when I was 8
033. I could never ever eat Veal
034. But I like other meats
035. I am relatively shy and quiet
036. Until you get to know me
037. I canít whistle
038. I was born premature
039. So was my brother
040. I love men who are funny and are bored by those who arenít
041. I changed my signature when I was 19.
042. I canít eat Chinese food without using chop sticks
043. I think there is life outÖ.there
044. I used to smoke
045. I want to take a sabbatical to Greece and Italy
046. I love Mythology
047. Adrasteia is my patron goddess
048. And that of my family
049. I speak French pretty fluently
050. As well as Gaelic.
051. I used to really dislike my father
052. But now heís one of my best friends
053. I think Jesus Christ existed and had cool ways of viewing the world
054. But fanatical people turned those ideas into beliefs
055. Dancing is a great form of foreplay for me
056. I love to cuddle
057. The Badlands are one of my favorite state parks
058. I used to want to have my own pet monkey
059. I used to have prophetic dreams
060. But now they scare me
061. I usually donít vent my anger
062. My friends are my family
063. I do not trust others easily
064. My name means Beautiful Christian which I find funny
065. I wish on stars
066. My pointer finger is my favorite finger.
067. I am not afraid to cry at movies
068. I love to be scared
069. I was an Ewok one year for Halloween with my brother
070. People kept thinking we were just bears.
071. I would rather have a sore throat than an upset stomach
072. I keep my underwear and my socks in separate drawers
073. I would rather be hot than cold
074. I think I should have been born in another era
075. I am the oldest sibling
076. I have a little brother
077. Heís really 6 ft
078. I had two best friends when I was in high school named Holly and Maria
079. They both betrayed me
080. I got braces when I was in middle school
081. I got them off two years later
082. I donít think they did a damn thing
083. I have a mole on the right side of my forehead
084. My mom used to tell me moles were kisses from angels
085. Apparently I got kissed a lot
086. My eyes are blue
087. They change color with mood
088. I wish had Nicoleís witchy eyes
089. I hate to do my hair
090. Mostly because it requires me to wake up earlier than I usually do in the morning
091. I hate mornings
092. They suck
093. I think my feet are the ugliest part on my body
094. Theyíre bigÖcause I am tall
095. It is a pain is the ass to find cute shoes
096. My nickname is Buffy
097. Itís just a coincidence that I love the TV show
098. Itís a long story how I got it
099. Youíll have to ask me some time
100. Iíve created a scrapbook for every year of my life since I was about 12
101. I donít shop at Banana Republic, Ambercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle Outfitters
102. Theyíre too expensive and I donít normally do prep
103. Iím more of an Express girl
104. I donít think I have ever met a girl named Summer that I have liked
105. If youíre name is Summer maybe you can change my mind
106. Iíve broken a couple of bones
107. I hate needles
108. I have only fallen asleep during a movie at a theater once
109. It was Last Action Hero
110. I still think it is one of the most horrible movies I have ever seen
111. I love the movie Once Bitten
112. Its one of the only Jim Carey movies I can stand
113. Other than Truman Show and the Mask
114. I love old movies
115. Gene Kelly, Grace Kelly and Cary Grant are my favorite old actors
116. I still think Grace Kelly was one of the most beautiful women ever
117. I was in every single theatre production in my high school
118. I even won awards
119. Since I graduated college, I havenít done any more acting
120. I kind of miss it
121. I hate tests
122. Almost as much as I hate math
123. I have a huge sugar tooth
124. Iím trying to break myself of it
125. I take showers at night
126. I take long hot showers
127. I only have my ears pierced once
128. I never go to bed before midnight anymore
129. I believe that the bad guys get all the good lines
130. Except maybe on Buffy.
131. I still wish on stars
132. I know most of the constellations
133. I use every inch of my bed when I sleep
134. Sleepovers with me werenít fun when I was a kid
135. I have the tendency to flail
136. I treat others how they treat me
137. I used to say I was sorry for everything
138. Even when it wasnít my fault
139. I try not to do that anymore
140. I used to play the violin
141. I lost one when I was in the 4th grade
142. I stopped playing when I got to middle school
143. They didnít have an orchestra
144. They wanted me to play band music
145. Some people think I am weird
146. I take it as a compliment
147. I used to care what people think
148. Sometimes I still do
149. But not as much
150. I wore too much makeup when I was in high school
151. I never wear it anymore
152. I used to want to be a pediatrician
153. Then I realized how much school you had to do
154. And that I wouldnít be able to take all the cases of child abuse without turning into a vigilante
155. Also I am too much of a mush head
156. Having a patient die would kill me
157. I type almost 65 WPM
158. And thatís without typing the Ďrightí way
159. I rarely do type that fast
160. My spelling suffers for it
161. I have never been to Louisiana
162. But I have been to almost every other state
163. I love roller coasters
164. I love European accents
165. Especially Scottish
166. I would date a guy just because he had a Scottish accent
167. But it probably wouldnít last long if that was the only reason
168. I speak Gaelic
169. If a guy was Scottish, had the accent and spoke Gaelic, I would be in heaven
170. I plan on having children
171. I moved too much when I was a kid
172. It was never fun

Yep, that's it for now. Cant tell you everything cause then it would be no fun to meet me. What *would* we talk about?