Somehow you have stumbled upon the Tempest, a little webby niche of one woman named Nerissa. Truthfully, it's nothing terribly spectacular or brilliant, but occasionally I call it home.  This is the 22nd incarnation of the Tempest featuring lovely pinup work by the amazingly talented Gil Elvgren.  It's simple, but turned out much better than I expected.  Plus, you all know how I adore old school pinup gals. It looks the best with 1024 and not 800x600.

Anyway, feel free to browse, see what is new or what has stayed the same.  Check out the links for sites that I inspire, aid or tickle my fancy and addicted for my fanlisting collective.  If you are still interested in my semi-coherent, and most often sporadic ramblings head on over to my livejournal. Interested in films and TV?  Celluloid Cacophony may give you a moment's enjoyment. I am sure there is something for everyone even if it is just a pretty picture.  If you have a question, feel the need to comment or would like to affiliate with me, just let me know. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your stay and come back soon.  Ta-ra, I am off to go misbehave.



March 5th, 2007:  I have been neglecting Tempest for almost two years, though I have continued making hordes of fanlistings.  I figured it was high time I returned to my little niche.  Voila, Version 22 was born. I updated almost everything, so there is plenty of new things to look at even if it is just a new design (though content was fairly old as well). I hope you are well, those few who still show up now and again to see if I am alive, and this year has been brilliant thus far.  In time I will get around to checking up on everyone and seeing how you all are.  Ta-ra, Nerissa

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I'm Stuck in the Middle with: Hugh Jackman and Mr. Darcy
Mirror Image is Jaye Tyler.


Artwork Gil Elvgren and is used without permission. Brushes are by me and by dandelion_fuzz who did the great news clipping brushes. Designed and maintained by Nerissa, Copyright 1999-2007.  For more information on Tempest Designs, hire me, ask questions, affiliate, report errors and the like, just follow the link.  And as always feel free to drop me a line to rant, rave, report bugs, tell me what you love or hate, contribute and much more.  Tapadh liebh.