Power #1;  #2 dd: chondrosarcoma     external ear tumors-malignant basal cell carcinoma of external auditory canal top common tumor of auricle, but rare in external auditory canal untreated tumors may extend into middle ear, mastoid or cranial cavity even treated tumors of external auditory canal have aggressive behavior ( acta chir belg 2002;102:137 ) case reports: auricular tumor with metastases to parotid gland ( dermatol online j 2006;12:7 ), external auditory canal tumor with nevoid basal cell carcinoma (gorlin-goltz) syndrome ( j laryngol otol 1997;111:850 ) treatment: surgery, radiation therapy micro images: site unknown - various images   ceruminal gland adenocarcinoma of external auditory canal top usually men, ages 30-59 years but wide age range associated with local pain tends to recur locally; only rarely metastasizes to regional lymph nodes and lung adenoid cystic carcinoma subtypes ( eur arch otorhinolaryngol 1993;250:240 ) usually have relatively good 5 year survival, but poor 10- and 20-year survival treatment: en bloc resection; more radical surgery if middle ear or temporal bone involvement; also radiation therapy case reports: 38 year old man with ceruminous adenoid cystic carcinoma and contralateral brain metastasis ( archives 2002;126:87 ), causing death ( acta morphol hung 1991;39:157 ), with recurrence ( orl j otorhinolaryngol relat spec 2003;65:300 ), invading temporal bone ( cancer 1978;41:545 ) micro: loss of glandular double cell layer, as only luminal epithelial cells are present; pleomorphism, nuclear anaplasia, mitotic activity and invasive growth are evident except in well differentiated tumors, which may resemble adenomas except for invasive growth; variants include adenoid cystic carcinoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma micro images: figure 1: whole mount of external ear canal shows polypoid mass and uninvolved salivary gland tissue; 2a: classic adenoid cystic carcinoma and more poorly differentiated areas; 2b: solid portion of tumor; 3: brain metastasis dd: direct extension of parotid gland tumors; dermal eccrine cylindroma, paraganglioma of middle ear   malignant blue nevus of external auditory canal top derived from benign cellular blue nevus, a dermal melanocytic proliferation thought due to arrested migration of immature dermal melanocytes during embryogenesis case reports: 11 year old with malignant blue nevus of left ear associated with large multinodular blue nevus at same locus and 2 intrac. side effects of viagra viagra without a doctor prescription Viagra and viagra spam bayer teva viagra buy viagra online information viagra tablets side effects of viagra buy cheap viagra Viagra expiration time viagra dla kobiet 2011 viagra natural ginkgo biloba Dosage of viagra vs viagra cheap viagra online cheap generic viagra free shipping viagra online buy viagra online buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra woman viagra opera commercial cheapest overnight viagra viagra without a doctor prescription side effects of viagra
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