I love the Internet.  Here are some cool places to visit.  There is no real rhyme or reason to the placement (in other words you should check them all out).  Enjoy.

z Sci-Fi Wire (I check it daily)
z (Also checked daily)
z GeeksOn (I love the boys at GeeksOn.  Why?  Because I am them, only in female form. Try out their podcast)
z The Signal (A podcast devoted to Firefly/Serenity.  It is a must for any Browncoat)
z 9th Wonders (A great site for anyone who loves the NBC show Heroes)
z Mugglenet (I am a Harry Potter fan.  It's true.)
z Pandora (I love Pandora because I am not a radio listener, but there are so many band I have found because of the project)
z Itunes (Podcasts, music...I have a problem)
z Wizards of the Coast (I am a girl gamer.  So what?  Geeks are in)
z Imdb (Ever hate it when you watch a movie and you can't figure out where you have seen that actor before.  Me too.  That is why I love Imdb)
z BSG Media (I loved Battlestar Galactica when I was younger and now it is one of the smartest things on television)
z The Sunnydale Slayer (I am a Joss Whedon fan and I will never forget Buffy, the PB Parties, the fans and the brilliance that was the show)

z DaFont(Great place for fonts. In fact this is where I get most of my fonts)
z Freshmakers (An amazing place to get textures, brushes and more for icons and more)
z Gender (Another talented artist for brushes and more)
z Cap It (A livejournal community that is all about screencaps)
z Livejournal (I blog, you blog, we all blog)
z Fanlistings Network (The one and only.  I am a fanlisting addict)
z Flickr (There is so much beauty in the world)

z Imagination (Nadine is a great artist.  Her fanart has been part of my desktops at home and work for some time)
z Jenahville (Jenah always inspires)
z Touchstone's Art (She such a way with color, light and texture in her art)
z Quoteland (A good quote can always inspire)

z The Witches Voice ( A great site for both the curious and the practicing)
z (A nice compendium of deities with a humorous twist)
z Facade (A great place for divination)
z One Spirit (Book club that is all about Spiritualityl)

z Power Star Merchandise ( Buffy, Serenity, BSG, Veronica Mars and more)
z Amazon (Gotta love em)
z Toscano (If only I had more money to burn)
z Museum Replicas (I like pointy things! *grin*  Great place for blades of any kind.  If you are a Renaissance fan a must place to visit)
z Two Peas in a Bucket (If you are an avid scrapbooker like I am, I would recommend this site. But be careful you may not be able to stop)