Much appreciation goes to the following.  This site, my sanity and, wouldn't be possible without the following people:

z NICOLE: My fire and my best friend.  You inspire me.  Thank you for keeping me sane and making life brill.  Where would I be without you, your Carter and Goron crack, and our mutual Mullettlove?  I love you.
z MOM, DAD, AND MARSHA: You are my parents and you rock.  I literally wouldn't be here without you.
z SHAWN: Thank you for teaching me the value of sibling rivalry.  I love you little brother.
z LORD AND LADY: Thank you for guiding my way and giving me all that I have and am.
z PAUL: Who knew that evenutally we would actually be neighbors after all of these years. You are my movie bud, my fellow geek and my rockin zombie musician. You make me smile and expose me to cool music like that Poe song you wrote. Its my fave! Life would be dull without you.
z SI AND DANISH: You’re my Earth and my Air. University was hip because of you guys.
z PAPA MIKE, BONNIE AND ERIC: My writing buds and moderators. You continue to inspire the melodramatic, smutty and violent Celtic Princess within. Thank you for being there and continuing to shape that other world we call home.
z LESLIE AND CHELE: Ma Belles. Thank you for exisiting in my life. Life would be dull without you.
z JER: You started me on this website kick in the first place. Thank you so very much. Hopefully, I've made you proud.
z SAFFRON: Mia Bella. My little sister. We are survivors, you and I and stronger for it.  I love you darlin. 
z MY AFFILIATES: For not abandoning me, even during my lengthy absences. You inspire. Thank you for commenting and offering help. It makes a girl like me fell pretty damn special.
z VARIOUS WEBMASTERS: Both past and present who have given me the drive and determination to better things with my sites.
z FINALLY: To chai tea, chocolate, itunes and my muse (for inspiring and keeping me running in the first place), To Joss Whedon (for creating Buffy which made me start this whole thing in the first place. Never stop Joss. You are a God.), To pop culture things everywhere (for allowing me to proudly let my geek flag fly. I would be far less sane if wasn't for tv, movies, comics, video games, books and more) and Days Off.  Thank you so much. 

z z z