Version 23 was designed by me, Rissa.  It features the lovely artwork of famed pin up artist Gil Elvgren, were found on google images and they are used without permission. Brushes are made by me and by dandelion_fuzz who did the great news clipping brushes.  The Tempest itself is designed and maintained by Nerissa Copyright ©, 1999 - 2007. Part of For more info on Tempestdesigns, follow the link. And as always feel free to drop me a line to rant, rave, report bugs,  tell me you like or hate, contribute and more. was originally hosted at Besthost1, but then they went defunct and I went over to Surpasss Hosting who have been wonderful. The Tempest was established in Aug of 1999.

If you find something on this site that belongs to you, and you would like credit (as for some reason I did not give it) or would like me to remove it, please contact me at

Graphics are made with PSP 9 and all the html was either done with text pad or Frontpage. Alas, I do not know php, though it is one of my goals for 2007, and use very little scripts. If you are willing to give some insight to a newbie like me, please let me know.

The site looks best in 1024x768, as that is what i have my monitor set at, though I am sure it looks okay in 800x600.

All titles, logos and anything pertaining to the website design have been designed by me and are copyrighted, so no stealing. It's bad karma.

So there you have it.  You can see what the domain has looked like over the course of time by looking at the past layouts which will eventually be moved over to the portfolio when I get around to it. Have fun surfing around!

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