"The tempest in my mind/Doth from my senses take all feeling." (Shakespeare)
tempest -  n. A violent storm; furious agitation, commotion or tumult; an uproar.

All of my sites that are open for business and perusal.

z C O L L E C T I V E S z
NAME: The Tempest
WHERE: You're already here
OPEN: Since March 23rd, 2002
VERSION: 22 - Featuring Pin Up Art
ABOUT: This is my collective of all the sites I own and operate and where my blog used to be.  However, I know irregularly blog over at my livejournal.  I have kept myself fairly busy over the years and everything tends to be updated every now and again. *grin*

NAME: Addicted
WHERE: /addicted
OPEN: Since May of 2003
VERSION: 3 - Featuring the film Marie Antoinette
ABOUT: Addicted is my fanlisting collective.  Currently I have 44 up and running ranging from Renaissance Faires and Grace Kelly to The Film Jaws and the television show Numb3rs. I started them as a way to practice my design skills and now I can't stop making them...or joining them. 

NAME: Celluloid Cacophony
WHERE: /fangirl
OPEN: Since July of 2002
VERSION: 3 - Featuring the film 300
ABOUT: Celluloid is where I proudly let my geek flag fly. If it is pop-culture related, you bet I will talk about it.  Want to know about the latest movies, TV shows, comics, toys and more?  Celluloid is your place to be. Hopefully you will add your own opinions. 

NAME: Confessions of a Bibliophile
OPEN: Coming Soon
VERSION: 1 - Featuring the artwork of Mucha
ABOUT: I am a voracious reader.  Though there are specific genres that I love, I read a little bit of everything.  Here you'll be able to read my latest reviews, add your own and even participate in a reading group of sorts.  

z G R A P H I C S z

NAME: Eclectic Icons
OPEN: Revamping
VERSION: 2 - Featuring Sandman...and Death
ABOUT: Icons, Wallpapers and Fanart...oh my.  The site used to be called Captivating, but I found that most of my 'artwork' was starting to icons rather than wallpapers or fanart.  Now I am not half as talented as some of those wonderful people out there, but I try.  Check it out.  

z O T H E R z

NAME: Permanent Midnight
OPEN: Full of Violence, Intrigue and Smut since 2001
VERSION: 4 - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
ABOUT: Permanent Midnight is my modern supernatural Play by Email RPG that I created and have been running since 2001. It's a little Anita Blake/Merry Gentry, a smattering of World of Darkness, a chock full of Harry Dresden and Nightside and a whole lot of fun.  We're always looking for new blood.  Join the struggle.

NAME: High Spirits
Bewitching the webby world Summer 2007
VERSION: 1 - By The Light of the Moon
ABOUT: I am a pagan.  I wanted to create a site that is pagan friendly without shoving the whole thing down your throat.  Here you can find everything from information, graphics, a weekly meme, a forum and more.  .  

NAME: The Top Five
OPEN: Revamping...Reopening April 2006
VERSION: 2 - Featuring High Fidelity
ABOUT: Inspired by the top five lists from the film High Fidelity, The Top Five is a weekly meme featuring exactly what it's name implies - Top Fives.  Past top fives have included the top five movie devils, top five props, top five drinks and more. 

z P O R T F O L I O S z

NAME: Tempest Designs
OPEN: Summer of 2007
VERSION: 1 - The Tempest
ABOUT: Here you will be able to view all of my past layouts and see what other work I have done.  If you want to hire me, it's even better.  Eventually, the portfolio will be here and I will move everything else to a different domain, but I figure I should get portfolio together first and then focus on the new domains. Check it out, tell me what you think.

z P E R S O N A L z

NAME: Phoenix Rising
OPEN: Reopening Summer of 2007
VERSION: 1 - The Phoenix Within
ABOUT: I am a survivor. Not a victim.  I wanted to create a site that allows survivors or friends and families of survivors to find information, resources and a place to feel safe and find kinship.  The forum is password protected and the are many links and resources available.