TEMPEST huh?...

Why Design: Well I got into web design because of Buffy.  That's right Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Not only is it a nickname that I have had for 11 years, but I also happened to like the TV show.  Anyway, I wanted to have a page for all of my Boogedies which was and still is a group of people that met on the Threaded Posting Board on the original and official Buffy site. I had no idea what html was or where to begin until Daen's husband gave me FrontPage, some basics and let me loose. It was hosted originally at Jer's site, but by 2000 I decided to shell out the bucks and thus tempestdesigns.com was born.

I taught myself everything I could, mostly by reading books and trial and error until I finally got too frustrated and in 2002 I decided to take some classes at the local Tech University. Since then the design has improved considerably. And yet I am still fascinated by the generations below me who accomplish amazingly beautiful designs which just leave me going "huh?"  Besides, most of what I learned in my few classes is extremely outdated.  Php has left me clueless, as has most scripts.  I am sure I will get around to unraveling the mystery of it all.

I love my little niche on the web.  It's a nice creative outlet, I have met great people and frankly it's just fun.  Everyone has a hobby right? Mine seems to be web based of late.  Who knows, maybe some day it can be a hobby that pays occasionally.

The Name: Now why Tempestdesigns.com. Well tempestuous is a great word, but there were already tempestuous dot everythings already on the web. And well tempestdesigns sounded classy as well and for a while I had, still do I suppose, the notion that someday I will be good enough at this web design stuff that people will actually give me a job and better yet, pay me. Anyway, I love the images the word TEMPEST evokes.  It's a storm, powerful, raging and yet unmistakably beautiful. I figure that is a nice way to describe me on occasion.   I would give you the whole back story, but maybe another time. It is also a great little play by Mr. Shakespeare.

Other Fun Facts: What else? up until about March of 2002, tempestdesigns was mostly devoted to Boogedy Boogedy Boo, but I wanted to do more me things. So after Nicole left for Japan, the first time, I opened up Tempest, my blog which I tried to do at least semi-daily, if not more. The blog used to be here on the main page, but the amount of my websites is on the increase every week it seems so I moved the blog to its own page for now where it stayed for a while. However, I also livejournal and it seemed pointless to have to, so I nixed the blog here and just livejournal.   At least this is how it will be until I change my mind again, which does happen quite a lot around here. I am a gemini after all.   I am powered by lots of water, chai tea, anything peanut butter and chocolate and loads of really great music.   I do all my graphics fiddling in Paint Shop Pro 9, upload with CuteFTP and code with Frontpage and Textpad. Blogging is done manually. I don't use scripts, php or the like because they confuse me and some, fewer or none of the brushes used in the graphics are from here, here, here, here, and here . All content and whatnot Nerissa MacLeod, unless otherwise stated. But sometimes I forget to state these things.

So there you have it. All about tempestdesigns. Now go have fun and look around. You can see the various incarnations of tempest over the years by looking at the past layouts. If you have any questions, just e-mail me, I'll try to answer asap.

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