Name: Desirata
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/courtesan
Category: History/Royalty
Opened: May 2003
About: Courtesans have always fascinated me.  In a time when women were little more than child bearers, these women were intelligent and well mannered. They have influenced kings, philosophers and artists. I adore them.

Name: Roma
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/gypsy
Category: History/Royalty
Opened: March 2005
About: The Roma are an amazing group of people and have been throughout history.  Romani culture is diverse, creative and full of a magical quality that no one else seems to posess. I may not be a Roma, but I adore them. 

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Name: Huzzah
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/renne
Category: Hobbies and Recreation
Opened: November 4th, 2005
About: I love Renne faires.  I went to my first one over 15 years ago.  I dont think I have really stopped since then.  Now that I live in SD, I make it to the Minnesota Renne Faire at least twice a year.  I dress up, eat lots and spend way too much money.  Good fun.  

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Name: Faerie Princess
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/merry
Category: Literature
Opened: November 2004
About: I am a fan of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series and when her Merry Gentry series came out I picked it up.  Love it.  I love the Feyan courts.  And for once there is actually a method to her madness, or is it smut? I would be a fan of Doyle the King.

Name: Nightside
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/nightside
Category: Literature
Opened: June 11th, 2006
About: The Nightside Books are a wonderful little series of books by Simon R. Green.  John Taylor is a great character as is the Nightside itself.  If you like the modern supernatural genre of books, check them out.

Name: Urban Fantasy
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/urban
Category: Literature
Opened: June 9th, 2007
About: I love to read and will read pretty much anything, but my favorite genre is the modern supernatural/urban fantasy.  Writers like Laurell K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong, Simon Green and Christopher Golden keep this genre geek a happy woman. 

Name: Neteru
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/damali
Category: Literature
Opened: October 2005
About: I picked up the first book of LA Banks' Vampire Huntress Series on a whim or maybe it was the cover art.  A fan of the modern supernatural and vampires, I thought I would like it.  I didn't...I loved it.  Damali and Carlos are amazing characters and I've loved their tale.

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Name: Firebringer
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/brighid
Category: Mythology
Opened: June 22nd, 2006
About: Brighid has always been an integral part of my life.  She is the bright one and inspires creativity, beauty and the fire within.  She is also one of my patron goddesses.  When this listing became available, I jumped at the chance to have it.  

Name: Grimoire
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/grimoire
Category: Mythology
Opened: November 5th, 2006
About: It is only natural that a pagan, such as myself, would nab the Book of Shadows/Grimoire fanlisting. I have one and decided to make a listing when it became available.

Name: Time of Enchantment
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/maiden
Category: Mythology
Opened: June 18th, 2006
About: As I have said before, I am pagan.  The Maiden fanlisting is for that part of ourselves and part of the Goddess that is young and full of wonderment and enchantment.  But she is also the seductress, and the awakening woman. All are aspects of me.

Name: Phantom Queen
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/morrigan
Category: Mythology
Opened: June 20th, 2006
About: I love Mythology.  I love Celtic Mythology. The Morrigan is the goddess of Death and Rebirth. She is also the goddess of War. She has been seen in many forms and in many tales.  I thought it was fitting that she got a fanlisting. 

Name: My Avenger
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/nemesis
Category: Mythology
Opened: February 12th, 2006
About: Nemesis. Adrasteia.  She is my patron goddess, my avenger.  She reminds me that I am a survivor and that no one can harm me unpunished.  She is the goddess of justice and retribution.  And one hell of an archer.

Name: The Witching Hour
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/samhain
Category: Mythology
Opened: March 24th, 2007
About: Samhain.  My very favorite holiday of the year.  Call it what you will, celebrate how you like but it is amazing time of year. It is Summer's End, the beginning of the dark half of the year. I had to nab the listing when it became available. 

Name: Forever My Love
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/isolde
Category: Mythology
Opened: February 11th, 2006
About: The story of Tristan and Isolde is heartbreaking and beautiful.  There are many versions, but in the end the star crossed lovers cannot truly be together in this life. However, like Romeo and Juliet, they will be together in death.  Forever.

Name: Herne's Hunt
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/hunt
Category: Mythology
Opened: May 14th, 2005
About: The Wild Hunt, The Furious Horde.  The Wild Hunt was always a wonderful tale.  I am a big fan of Mythology and I have read many versions of Herne's Hunt.  I quite like the Sidhe Version.

Name: Under My Spell
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/witchy
Category: Mythology
Opened: April 7th, 2005
How can you not love witches?  Especially if you consider yourself to be one.  They are iconic and part of our legends, folklore and myths.  Sometimes they are in the form of a crone, while other times a beautiful woman.  Yeah witches. 

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Name: Rainy Oasis
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/rainforests
Category: Nature
Opened: January 16th, 2006
About: the Rainforests are a vital part of our world.  It is a crying shame seeing them destroyed.  Imagine how much life lays there, that we still know nothing about.  They are beautiful, fascinating and I would love to visit them some day. 

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Name: Island Style
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/guam
Category: Places
Opened: January 2005
About: I was born in Agana, Guam.  Though my parents left as soon as I was old enough to leave, they had wonderful stories to tell me about their time there.  Someday, I hope that I can go and visit. Until then I will have the fanlisting. 

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Name: Just Breathe
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/breathe
Category: Songs
Opened: May 3rd, 2006
About: Anna Nalick is a wonderful singer and her first hit single, 'Breathe' had me hooked. The lyrics are great and the melody one you tend to find stuck in your head when you least expect it.  Or maybe that is just me.

Name: Fear
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/fear
Category: Songs
Opened: October  22nd, 2006
About: Sarah McLachlan has always touched me.  Her music and lyrics are hauntingly beautiful and 'Fear' is  no exception.  I have seen her a couple of times in concert and this song just touches me.

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Name: Immortal Beloved
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/highlander
Category: Television
Opened: July 27th, 2007
About: What can I say, I have a weakness for men and swords.  And men named Methos or Duncan MacLeod apparently as well.  I was a big Highlander fan, own all the seasons on DVD and had to nab the listing when it became available.

Name: Have You Met...
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/mother
Category: Television
Opened: December 10th, 2006
About: One of the funniest shows on television, How I Met Your Mother is a great little sitcom that more people should watch.  And did I mention it is highly quotable.  In fact you could say it is....LEGENDARY

Name: All Around You
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/kindred
Category: Television
Opened: May 29th, 2003
About: Kindred: The Embraced was based off the World of Darkness RPG and brought to the small screen by the late Aaron Spelling. Even with the changes they made, I loved it.  It is a shame it didn't last longer than one season.

Name: Into the Mists
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/avalon
Category: Television
Opened: June 26th, 2005
About: The Mists of Avalon was a wonderful book and when the movie came out on TV, I loved it as well (especially the costumes). The music was amazing as well and I recommend both the film and the soundtrack. 

Name: Anomaly
URL: http://www.tempestdesigns.com/numbers
Category: Television
Opened: July 1st, 2005
About: Numb3ers and Charlie make math sexy.  It's a great little show that makes you realize how much you use math every day.  And though Math will never be my favorite subject, for 60 minutes every week it is.

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